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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 977 – Absolute Defense sassy house
The Seven Seas Dragon King went back for the underwater abyss, but to Zhou Wen’s dismay, he didn’t head for that underwater palace where the individual was. Preferably, he inserted a cave to rest.
Zhou Wen was overjoyed. This sort of armor’s protection was definitely an existence-preserving tool. It absolutely was much stronger than Dragon Degree Armour.
Let Me Game in Peace
Zhou Wen utilised the 3,000 sword intents. Sword Dietary supplement already possessed the ideas of your 3,000 sword intents. Now, with Zhou Wen while using the thirteen stances, the might and techniques were much stronger than when Zhou Wen slashed regarding his sword.
Zhou Wen’s sword techniques had been good now, but he couldn’t get an edge from the simple sword.
It believes so good being without try using a sword to cut at other people. It is not surprising so many people like flying swords. It’s indeed a skill best suited for sluggish persons.
Previously, she wouldn’t even additional mankind a glance, a smaller amount consult a real absurd question.
Utter Strength… Absolute Defense… Could there be something such as Utter Speed… Should I can obtain a total establish, it will probably be really extraordinary
The strength of Complete Safety was probably much like Tyrant Behemoth’s Utter Energy. On the other hand, an individual was for offense whilst the other was for security.
The time of Complete Protection was short than Absolute Energy, nevertheless it was already quite strong. Even best Mythical capabilities couldn’t hurt or injure Zhou Wen when Complete Safety was triggered.
The Seven Seas Dragon California king sent back to the marine abyss, but to Zhou Wen’s dismay, he didn’t brain for your under the water palace the location where the man was. Preferably, he entered a cave to rest.
The Seven Seas Dragon King went back towards the marine abyss, but to Zhou Wen’s dismay, he didn’t mind for the under the water palace where the our was. As a substitute, he joined a cave to relax.
By using a believed, the resplendent diamond-like Sword Capsule made an appearance looking at Zhou Wen. Then, with Zhou Wen’s will, it stabbed in the quick sword.
What effective security!
Which has a believed, the resplendent gemstone-like Sword Dietary supplement sprang out before Zhou Wen. Then, with Zhou Wen’s will, it stabbed at the short sword.
Right after Zhou Wen initialized Overall Defense, he saw that he couldn’t even see the burning off heating in the flaming sword beam. Zhou Wen stood there and helped the traditional sword to constantly slash at him. At most, it could only mail him retreating several methods with Overall Defense avoiding him from remaining injured whatsoever.
Sword Dietary supplement and also the small sword constantly clashed in midair, turning Zhou Wen to a spectator.
Can it be the progress of Sword Capsule has absolutely nothing related to swords?
Zhou Wen got when in front of a sword tomb all over again and dragged out a brief sword.
Chapter 977: Complete Security
The small sword crammed the heavens with fire mainly because it assaulted Zhou Wen once again. It turned out clearly a Mythical blaze-elemental ancient sword. The power of the flames was rather effective.
“The Seven Seas Dragon King went to determine that person. Regardless of whether we can keep, only passing away awaits us. Let us await now.” Zhou Wen didn’t have a great option. Regardless of whether he didn’t would like to eavesdrop, now wasn’t time to avoid.
Miya was vexed, but there is almost nothing she could do. She couldn’t even abandon to risk her everyday life now.
The effectiveness of Absolute Shield was probably the same as Tyrant Behemoth’s Total Durability. Nonetheless, 1 was for offense even though the other was for defense.
“She’s probably captured.” Though Zhou Wen didn’t begin to see the mankind grab Feng Qiuyan and Qin Ling, he could speculate which the person wouldn’t allow Qin Ling depart.
“What’s incorrect?” Miya expected Zhou Wen in puzzlement when she found Tyrant Behemoth placed over the ice cubes dragon teeth and prevent digging.

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